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Understanding the Distinction Between a Content Calendar and Strategy

Updated: Apr 1

One question that frequently comes up is the difference between a content calendar and a content strategy. In simple terms, a content calendar helps you plan exactly what you'll post or create, while a content strategy outlines when to post it.

Have you ever logged into your account, clicked the "add post" button, and then drawn a complete blank? (I've been there too.) This is precisely where these two tools become invaluable.

Your content strategy is the roadmap for planning your content—whether it's long-form, short-form, free-form, or promotional. It encompasses graphics, photos, carousels, and reels. But what specifically will each piece be about? That's the essence of a content strategy.

Let's delve into an example.

As a former fitness studio owner, my brand was built around offering enjoyable fitness classes that boosted women's self-esteem and confidence. My studio was a hub for mental and physical growth.

So, my brand was centered on the emotional and physical experience I provided at the studio. Now, let's talk strategy.

In my marketing strategy, I heavily utilized videos to showcase the fun aspect of our classes—flying in the air, doing flips, and for those not into that, we offered slower, grounded classes.

My primary audience was women aged 30-60 within a 20-mile radius. Yes, it's specific, but I had to consider the proximity of my studio and how far people would realistically travel. (This location aspect was crucial—a lesson I learned the hard way.)

Can you see how the strategy was built? I had to define WHO I was targeting and be as specific as possible to streamline my efforts. I also had to determine WHERE my audience hung out online—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok—so I could reach them effectively.

I understand this may seem overwhelming, like having 20 tabs open in your brain. But if you need help sorting it all out, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I hope this sheds light on branding your business and adds a piece to your entrepreneurial puzzle! You're making progress, even if I'm not sure where exactly you are in your business journey. Keep up the great work!

Until next time, keep pushing forward.


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