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What is the difference between a Content Strategy and a Content Calendar?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

This is a question I get quite often and really the difference is one helps you decide what EXACTLY you will be posting or creating and the other is telling you WHEN to post it.

Have you ever signed into your account and tapped the add post button and then went completely blank? (I know I have) This is exactly where those two come in handy.

Your content strategy is the strategy that you use to plan your content. Long form, short form, free form and your promotional content. (content form post is coming soon) Your content consists of graphics, photos, carousels and reels. But WHAT exactly will each one be about? THAT my friend is what a content strategy is.

Let's dive into a little example here

As a previous fitness studio owner, I built my brand as a studio that offered fun fitness classes that built up women's self-esteem and confidence. My studio was a place of growth mentally and physically.

So, my brand was built upon how I made people feel emotionally and physically when they came to my studio. Ok so back to strategy...

My marketing strategy I used a lot of videos to let my audience get the feel that our classes were fun, and you could fly in the air, you can do flips. And if that wasn't their game then we had slower classes that were grounded and didn't involve flying.

My audience was mostly women between the ages of 30-60 years who were located near me within a 20 mi range. Yeah I know specific but I also had to consider where my studio was and how far someone would be WILLING to travel to me. (this was part of my downfall- LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION)

Do you kinda see how I built my strategy? I had to determine WHO I was talking to and I had to get as specific as possible to make it easier on me. I had to determine WHERE my audience was hanging out online- were they on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok? Where were they going to see my content? These are all things that you need to consider into your strategy.

I know this can feel overwhelming and you might feel like you have 20 tabs open in your brain and that's ok. But if you need help sorting and figuring it all out reach out to me here. Scroll to the bottom and email me.

I hope this helps you brand your business a bit and adds a piece to the puzzle that you are trying to put together as a business owner! Whoo're getting there! I mean I have no idea where you are as far as building your business but I'm happy for you, nonetheless.

Until next time

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