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Welcome to the table entrepreneurs!

At this table you will find helpful tips, tools, and tricks that I've learned over the years. Even hard lessons that have taken a stab at my pride.

So, grab your favorite journal, refill your coffee and get comfy. My table is open to people who are just starting their business or anyone who wants a refresher on the marketing world.

Yep that's me! I guess I should introduce myself ha! I'm Veronica, your social media gal with three businesses. I'm a wife and mama of 3 crazy kiddos who constantly keep me on my toes. I'm obsessed with Dutch Bros Coffee, being barefoot and listening to podcasts.

Welcome to my blog! Here I will talk about my lessons learned, tips and tricks I've picked up from mentors I love and listen to.

what's your deal?

I like to call myself a serial entrepreneur because I own three different businesses. I opened my first one in 2016 after I completed my 200hr RYT. That business is still up and running to this day offering kids a fun outlet after school and on weekends.

This is called Aerial Yoga. We use a soft hammock to stretch, practice yoga and of course do some fun flips. You may have seen some cool instagram videos of people doing tricks on these. If you've never tried it you should, it's really fun!

so that got me thinking...

Ever since the day I opened my first business (Grounding Willows Yoga) I wanted to have my own studio space some day. It wasn't until August of 2021 right after Covid that I finally said f*ck it and decided nothing was going to stop me. I had just has my son in Oct of 2020 and went into heart failure 4 days postpartum with him and when I got released from the hospital I decided that nothing was going to stop me now. So, I opened my studio. I wanted to have a place that offered fun fitness classes but with the mindset of a yoga studio, so it would focus on more mental health and getting you into a better head space. Unfortunately with the economy I had to close just after a year of being open. It was fun while it lasted, learned some hard hard lessons and made amazing friends along the way. I can actually say that I did EVERYTHING I wanted to do for my business in that one year.

I made a difference in their lives outside of the studio walls.

They had a place to grow as a person and face fears

They accomplished so much, they did bungee and aerial and those were things that they'd never seen or tried before and were terrified of.

But they DID IT! They kept doing it and loved it!

How many business owners do you know that can say they accomplished everything they wanted to do in one year? When the time came to close my doors, I knew that I wasn't saying goodbye to those friends and was truly at peace with letting it go. I mean I fought to keep it and did everything I could but in the end the universe was pointing me to something else. I just needed to listen.

Dun dun dunnnnn Everoots Marketing was created...

I know that might be like a hard left but really it wasn't. I had done my own marketing, photography, videography and everyyyything that it takes to run a business so I knew, I knew everything that stressed me out. I knew how many plates I needed to spin to run a business. What I didn't do was ask for help when I became stressed or when I felt like I had nobody to talk to.

After learning those valuable lessons, I help business owners stay on top of their social media, I help them grow their audiences with the content they put out. If they need help branding their content, I help. If they need someone to manage their social media, I do that.

Creating content for social media can be time consuming, frustrating if you're not good at it or if your phone keep crashing and you're to the point that you say F it and don't even bother after that. Lol I had a client who wanted to make a reel the other day and texted me that she wanted to throw her phone away. She figured it out but that just reassured her why she hates creating posts herself. (btw if you need help I'm here for you too :) )

So, if you get anything from this post, I hope it's that you know that I see you. I understand where you are and what you have been through. I get it. I also hope that you see that I am not afraid to admit that I have had success and failure but my version of success if different than yours.

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