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Learning About Your Target Audience and WHY It's Important For Social Media Marketing

If you are a business owner, you have an audience obviously, but the questions is how well do you know your target audience?

Firstly, let me ask you a question(s) .

Why did you start your business?

You probably started your business because at one point you have had a problem that nobody could solve or if someone did you may or may not have had a good experience with it and wanted to improve it.

I'll share a bit of my backstory so I can draw a clearer picture. I own three different businesses. They are all tied into mental health but each are very different.

I have a small aerial yoga business, a doula business (I am downsizing this big time to only offering birth classes now) and a social media management business. They totally do NOT look related at all but they all have a common denominator of mental health. When they were started I wanted someone to feel empowered, feel better about their body and take their life back to be able to separate work from home. Now you see how they are kind of tied into each other?

Each of these businesses have their own specific audience right? With the doula business I wanted to speak specifically to women who were looking for support while they were pregnant. I could narrow it down even further than that to women who had traumatic birth experiences, women who have had a cesarean birth and wanted a natural birth the next time around, see what I mean. I took something that I had experienced myself and wanted to improve the experiences of other women who were like me and wanted the same positive outcome. A healthy baby, positive birth experience with a smooth recovery.

Question no. 2 What is the problem that your target audience has? What is their pain point?

Your audience has a problem, and they are looking for the answer online, whether that is on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, they're looking for a solution. You need to be able to identify that pain point or problem and fit it with your services or product.

Take my social media business Everoots Marketing, my services include managing other businesses social media platforms. So I brainstorm the content ideas, come up with a strategy, the content itself, make it and schedule it and post it. That is just the content side, that is not including the time I spend engaging with their audience. So, my target audience would be business owners that don't have a lot of time on their hands to do all the things that I mentioned above.

No 3. Where is your target audience?

Where is your target audience hanging out? Where would they be looking for the solution to their problem at? Pinterest? Instagram? Facebook? That is where you need to be. You don't have to be on all the platforms but on the ones that make sense and will help you to reach and talk with your audience.

Understanding and learning about your target audience is essential to your business. It not only builds relationships but trust and loyalty. Just like the seasons your business is going to fluctuate, and understanding your audience will help you to be better prepared for those dips and spikes.

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